Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lemon Festival - Opening Day!

WOW! What a day we had! It was non stop.  We even had people waiting in line BEFORE we officially opented for business (10 am).  That has never happened before. It did not seem to let up at all till around 4:30.  Totally amazing.

The guys had their "Guys all night out" on Friday night.  They cooked the pork to perfection (10+ hrs).  They cook almost 200 lbs. of Tri Tip.  Had to make a Costco run at 4 pm to buy tomorrows Tri Tip.  Everyone worked really hard.  The cook team never stopped.

The guys out at the BBQ had a tough job keeping up with us in the booth.  Jim (Chef Torgy), Keith & Jared are the anchors. Michael & Johnathan did what ever was necessary to help. Barbara, Veria, Kyleen, Pastor Mike, Martha, Karin, Ragesh, Savita, & DR were my troopers inside the booth .  Evelyn & Richard were my clean up angles.  It takes many hands to make this event work  (I wish we had a few more!)  I know I have forgotten a name or two, I am tired right now and I am having a hard time remembering everyone who worked today.

Nothing beats the joy of serving GOOD food to the public.

Here are a few picutres of our day.  I was SOOO busy, I only took a few pictures.

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