Saturday, October 22, 2011


With the ending of the Lemon Festival, where do we go from

The reason for this blog is not just about cooking, but the adventure of cooking and the things
that revolve around it. From safe food handling, knives, shopping, gardening, creating amazing
dishes to meals for family and friends.

This friends, is the adventure and antics of Chef Torgy.

Jim started his journey in cooking in the mid 1980’s. He discovered he had a passion & gift for
the culinary arts and loved improving and creating recipes.

(In the beginning) We had a Weber Kettle BBQ at home and Jim began experimenting with
it. He mastered the Weber and wanted to learn the technique of smoking. He bought his first
little smoker from Home Depot (Char-Broil Smokers). Thus Jim wore out two Weber
BBQ's, a Ducane BBQ and two Home Depot Smokers.

Jim became a legend in his own mind with his BBQ’ing & smoking.

Jim learned his love of cooking from his mother Lorraine. She was not what you call a gourmet
cook, but she sure knew her way around a kitchen and produced some wonderful dishes & meals.
In the mid 1990’s Jim started studying Julia Childs' books to learn new techniques. In 1999, Jim’s mother
encouraged him to go to Culinary School. Boy, was that was a reality check for Jim for he
considered himself an expert in cooking and BBQ’ing. What Jim found out was just how much
he  DID NOT know!

And with this, the Adventures of Chef Torgy begins.  So stay tuned as we wind down this path with Chef Torgy.

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